Monday, 26 December 2011

History Of Kung Fu

Kung-Fu is the most ancient of all martial arts and it is possible to trace its roots back more than 4,000 years.Not many people know it,but Kung-Fu was created by an Indian Monk thousands of years ago.His name was Bhodi Dharman.He was an empire ruler in the olden ages.He was an expert in Martial Arts such as Kung-Fu.He was expertised in herbal treatments.In the olden days no Indian Monk has ever been to China.So he was the first.Before starting his journey he wrote a book and gave it to his parents.The book was all about his Martial Art skills and herbal medicines.He took his parents blessing before leaving to China.It took him many years to reach China but he made it.He reached a small town in the deep jungles of China.At that time the village elder had a bad feeling about him so he told the Indian Monk to leave.Bhodi Dharman didn't want to start an argument so he left.He went to stay in a cave nearby.A few days after,the village was struck by a killer disease.A young girl was infected so they decided to dump her so that the other villagers wouldn't be infected.They dumped her in the same cave that Bhodi Dharman was in.A few days after Bhodi Dharman came back to the village with the young girl.She was mysteriously cured.Apparently after they dumped her in the cave Bhodi Dharman carried her to a safer place and cured her using some leaves that he found around as he is an expert in herbal medicines.The village found out about his power.So they let him stay in their village.A few days after the village was attacked by some evil warriors.At that time Bhodi Dharman was the only one the whole village could depend on.So he used his Martial Arts Of Kung-Fu to fight them.The villagers have never seen something like Kung-Fu before.Bhodi Dharman could also control people using his eyes.It's called hipnotism.After he fought them off the whole village bowed to him as their master.He tought te whole village about Kung-Fu.After a few days he decided to return to India.So the village prepared him a meal.As Bhodi Dharman saw the food he knew it was poisoned by the villagers.He asked them why they poisoned it.They plead him not to leave so that the village will always be blessed by him.So Bhodi Dharman accepted their plea and ate the poisoned food.The next day he died.So that is why we have Kung-Fu today.Thank you for reading my post!


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